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I don’t like this film, mainly because I don’t like Tintin. Never did. I always found he had stupid hair, and he has a silly-looking, no – actually a rather ugly dog. I don’t like pet dogs. I don’t like slapstick police officers, or chases on motor bikes and cars. There is very little in this film that I could have liked. It is also exactly what you would expect when somebody tells you they are making a Tintin movie. All well done, if you like this motion capture animation that creeps me out more than it fascinates me, it all looks like people stuck in virtual realities, caught in a Tron-maze, never being able to get out again… but mainly, it is all not very surprising or original. Maybe for a target group that never read the comics? They will not care a bit about it. Or for those who devoured the books? Why should they watch it? I do understand that it has been a project close to the heart of Spielberg for many years, and I am happy he has got it out of the way now. I was trying for years to throw away these folders with university documents, and now that I finally managed, I can move on. Hope that Spielberg can move on now, too, and focus a bit on being this great developer of fantasy and adventure that he can be, sometimes… War Horse and Tin Tin were two very mediocre films. Focus, man!

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