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This is not the kind I usually admit to liking… adolescent fart and ball-kicking humour, nerdy future visions of mentally decrepit society, rubbish special effects. It is fun, though… I cannot really pin down why I liked it, but I laughed most often about the details with which the production designers filled the background (and sometimes foreground): how the name of restaurants (from Fuddruckers to … well where could you go with that?!) or the business model of coffee shops changes over the centuries (“let’s got to Starbuck’s!” – “we really don’t have time for a hand job right now.”). How media presentations (see the news hosts of Fox News) and Friday night entertainment do not change at all (panem et circenses goes under the name of “rehabilitation”). The rubbish backdrops with skyscrapers leaning over drunkenly, being patched up with string and spit, the tv softchair that includes a toilet, or the law school in the shopping mall. A lot of effort went into designing this world to become a ludicrous place, populated by a ludicrous people, degenerated over the generations by overconsumption.

The downside is that I find Luke Wilson as annoying as Owen Wilson, to the point that I did not know Owen had a brother and kept thinking that it was Owen until the end credits rolled… Maya Rudolph, on the other hand, has a special place in my heart since “Bridesmaids”, I would have played up her part in this much more than they did, she would have brought more comedy to the science fiction.

Still: entertaining 1:24h, while food is on the stove and the spring rain is falling…


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