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As always with comic book adaptations (exceptions of Superman and Batman, if I may), I had never heard of this hero. And it’s not even a hero, he is… a slightly above-average skilled knife thrower. He wears a Guy Fawkes mask, indicating that he, too, has some injustice to fight and he, too, will blow up the British Parliament in the end (seriously: how many potential comic book adaptation readers are out there who know who Guy Fawkes was? What he did? Seriously…). The film disappeared from my memory as quickly as I can say “Tower Bridge”, but there are some pretty moments, especially towards the end, when “V” calls for the whole population of London to storm the Bastille… no, the Parliament, because … er … so he can blow it up better? The logic did not really become clear, why he needs a year’s preparation and why everybody was supposed to be there. But it was somehow directed against the evil Chancellor (did I not just read about him in Hunger Games?) and for the lone girl who can bring him down (did I not just… never mind). So there is this girl V stumbles into at the beginning and she does not matter but in the end she puts him on a train ride to Westminster, which is a very pretty image and culminates in very nice fireworks. But really, it did not make much sense…

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  1. I actually thought this was a pretty good adaptation of the Alan Moore comic. You should grab the graphic novel and give it a read if you get the chance. Moore is one of the best in the business IMO.

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