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What to say: I expected the film to be less entertaining than it actually was. It is somehow weird to see aged Will Smith fall back into his boyish role, which does not really fit his slightly more bulky and mature physique, but his face does the Will Smith thing and that can still create some good laughs (such as when Will Smith tries to explain that the fact a black man in 1969 is riding a fancy convertible does not mean he necessarily has stolen it, even though he has stolen this one…). Upon travelling back in time in order to avoid bothering Tommy Lee Jones with too much screen time, he meets Josh Brolin’s young K, who seemingly studied a lot of Jones’ movies. His gesture and composure are a really good reminder of the elderly gentleman he stands in for, and Brolin is eminently watchable anyway. There are not too many alien cgi creature experiments, but those that there are are solid fun. Next time Christopher Nolan wants to come up with a rather normal-looking, while convincing villain, he should have a close look at how Boris The Animal (“Just Boris!”) has been designed to have his human appearance meet some less human character treats. Of course this is no masterpiece, especially the last act falls a bit flat with a showdown reminding me of some dozen James Bond finales that I did not really cared for to begin with. Still, solid airport waiting lounge entertainment…

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