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“Avengers” got a surprising load of good reviews, so I caved in the end and convinced myself to gave yet another superhero film a chance. And in the end, I admit that I would have rather seen “Avengers” than any of the movies that fed into it. “Hulk”, “Thor”, “Iron Man”… all showed that the big misunderstanding has been that they could carry a whole movie – and that has only been true (IMHO) for the first Iron Man, if at all. But throwing them together into a big camp melange reduces the pressure on either of these guys, gals and ghouls (such as the impossibly dull Captain America) to carry a movie. So the authors could find some nice lines for Robert Downey Jr and could stop before he gets annoying again. They could sketch the cuter side of Mark Ruffalo, and keep it at that.

Actually, Hulk is quite entertaining this time, with a sense of humour and some very relaxed smashing. On the receiving end is a Michael Sheen who seems to enjoy his new role as perennial dork alien creature,  Thor brother Loki in this case, and on the governing end Samuel Jackson does the Samuel Jackson thing. Hence: no need to complain, only that it should have been the only film about those Marvel characters, not 27th – I am already so annoyed by the pile of uninspired nonsense thrown at the audiences that even a slightly better film such as Avengers cannot really console me.

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