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Great post at 3guys3movies, made me think about which tv shows I was not only addicted to when I laid hands on them, but could imagine watching all over again at some point. The immediate candidates may sound a bit conservative, but I cannot remember having been as enthused about anything on tv before or after.


  • The Wire
  • Sopranos
  • And Tony Soprano’s evil twin at Deadwood (I still cannot get over the fact that a tv company is unable to finish this amazing show, co*%su@#ers!)
  • Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom (technically a tv show, even though it was screened in cinemas internationally … I spent some nice seven hours in a row in a run-down arthouse theatre… time of my life!)
  • The Killing (Forbrydelsen, Danish original): wow, fantastic, and the Danish original is so much better than the US remake
  • The Thick of It: Malcolm Tucker is the most fun tv character I can remember, seriously!
  • Twin Peaks: just watching it again, oh I love David Lynch for what he is doing to network tv here!
  • Life on Mars (UK version, of course, should anybody wonder)
  • Kir Royal: no that’s a German Special.. I have no idea whether it makes sense outside Germany, but it is the greatest thing I have ever seen coming out of German tv. A short series about the life of a Munich gossip columnist;

Flawed Masterpieces:

  • Battlestar Galactica (even though it has its periods where it loses track of its goal, but recovered quite well)
  • West Wing (half of the show is outstanding, even though it might have run a bit too long, and suffered from staff changes)
  • Lost: yes, sure, all what’s wrong has been discussed, I still loved 90 out of the total 100 episodes
  • South Park: just watch all episodes again on their website, and agree that this is not a tv show, but it is a cultural phenomenon without equal. And fun!
  • 24: give them the honour – this was a great format, and great cast. Maybe two seasons too many, of course.

Honourable Mention:

  • Let’s not forget the first season of “Heroes”, which after many years of annoyed absence brought me back into checking out tv shows. TV can be that well written and produced?
  • Dexter also reshuffled the tv show deck of cards quite a bit, and even though I felt a bit annoyed around … cannot remember, was it Season 3? … I am now on it again with old vigour.
  • Jericho: the uncompleted masterpiece, could have become a classic

Too early to tell:

  • Newsroom
  • Breaking Bad: I very much enjoy it at the moment, not sure whether I will go back to it in some years’ time, though
  • Boardwalk Empire: but let’s see where this goes…

I remember I made some notes on the phenomenon of tv shows when realising that I, well, started to like them…

All the TV notes I took can be found here

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  1. I don’t watch much t.v., but I plan on watching Boardwalk Empire. It looks like it might be good.

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