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I had not seen “Wild at Heart” in many years, and what a pleasant surprise it was to re-visit it! Absurd theatre at its best, dark and violent comedy, with camp performances by Nicholas Cage, Laura Dern and Willem Dafoe! Scene upon scene, I came upon classics, scenes I thought at the time I would never forget (special mention: Bobby Peru’s exit …). It is maybe the hardest thing to combine all these elements of drama, craziness, eternal love, Elvis Presley, murder, rape and snakeskin jackets into something that is compelling and fun to watch, but David Lynch establishes here that after his “Blue Velvet” kind-of-mainstream success and the deconstruction of serialized tv as we know it, he was here to stay as the grotesque conscience of audiovisual art. You can watch this in the cinema, on your home screen or on the wall of a modern art museum, and it has its right place wherever you are. Need to see “Blue Velvet” again, and soon! Favourite scene: Bobby Peru’s dialogue with Lula in her hotel room. I know, I have a weird taste.

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