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It’s that time of the year… the time when the good autumn movies are still circulating among the festivals, and the bad summer movies are coming out on DVD in a big deluge of mediocrity, Ice Age 4 belongs, unsurprisingly, into the latter category. However: it is a big step up from the previous on, which really almost bored me senseless. Ice Age 4 has problems with some characters, especially with the new female tiger introduced as she would become a new centerpiece of the Ice Age franchise, only to forget about her along the way, and place her back into the plot just in time so she can pop up in “Ice Age 5: We are still here”. “Ice Age 4” has some stunning visuals, is very dynamic and is goofing about with its 3D version that was surely fun to watch in the theatre. It is also embarassed about its past, mentioning the dinosaur nonsense of the fourth part in a dismissive way. At the core, however, it’s empty. Its key characters are frankly boring (and always have been), and the villain is but a cheap rip-off from the jungle book. So, 90 minutes of casual enterainment, to be forgotten long before the next ice age comes around.

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