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I remember having read some reviews about this film that were surprisingly positive. Surprisingly because I would not expect anything from a film about a US president involved in part-time vampire hunting (or getting hunted). This sounds like “League of Honourable Gentlemen” and “Van Helsing” – and these are terrible things to be reminded of. Turns out, “Abraham Lincoln” is just as bad. There is no reason why it should happen to be Abraham Lincoln to have this ill encounter with the vampire world other than it would be a most ridiculous idea – but other than giving him a clever idea how to end the civil war towards the end of the movie, it is irrelevant. Also irrelevant is everything else, the side characters, Lincoln’s main adversary, the slavery issue.

The only thing the film does is to run from one cgi-axe-slinging, cgi-blood-spurting, cgi-vampire-face hissing fight into the next. And the cgi is the worst I have seen since… does the Tic Toc Toe game in “War Games” qualify? Whatever drove anybody to make this, this person has a very different taste, mindset and expectations about entertainment than I have…

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