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After some 40 minutes, the film really got me by surprise… it was building up to become a movie about a girl that was on a revenge mission, while being chased by somebody or something that was even more dangerous than herself. That notion changed abruptly, and it turned into something… I was about to say less interesting. Not even true, there is a moment where I was wondering whether the film will, after all, be very conventional, but then a wider picture is provided, we learn about reasons and motivations for what we see. Even though I am not perfectly convinvced by that framework story, it’s still kind of acceptable, and better as if it was merely a film about a girl locked into a room and not being treated kindly.

So it is a film about a girl or two locked into a room, but towards the end it becomes a film about horror turning into euphoria, with a little help of pretty ruthless use of fists and metal instruments. If this is for you, then this is for you.

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