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A show about “a machine” is at the heart of this show, developed to analyse all kinds if information coming in through public surveillance cameras, phone conversations and internet traffic, some form of Uber-Echelon designed to prevent terror attacks. Its inventor (played by Lost’s Benjamin Linus Michael Emerson) decides that there are other causes it can be useful for, and hires a former special forces guy (Jesus Jim Caviezel) to help him save individual lives from ill fate.

Jim Caviezel is awfully handsome and watchable and Michael Emerson is eerie as every. They should get better things to do, though, than a tame network tv show without edge. That’s the problem with superhero movies (and tv shows): once you understood they are not vulnerable, and the franchise needs to go on, the tension implodes. A couple of episodes in, “Person of Interest” is merely interesting in terms of whether the person of interest is a victim or a villain. That our heroes are in no real dangers is very clear. A couple of episodes later, even this handsome thrill is gone, as it gets repetitive. Of course there are nice moments, such as the episode with Finch/Emerson spending half a show on “e”. After half of the 23-episode first season, however, I was exhausted by the harmlessness and predictability. Will not become a show or interest, if the pun is allowed.

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