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These days, any film with Tom Hardy on the poster is a must-see for me. That bulky English dude has, through just “Bronson”, “Inception” and “Warrior”, become my screen favourite of the decade, matched maybe by Michael Fassbender, but certainly with better abs and lips. In “Lawless”, he has become the unbreakable physical presence that may have been at the heart of his performances all along, a Bronson with a family to take care of, only cool, controlled, and with a business to run. With any other actor in this role, “Lawless” would be a nice, yet harmless bit of prohibition costume piece – with him (and despite Shia The Beef, slightly annoying as most times) and Jessica Chastain, and Guy Pearce, it is a strong character piece about small-town infights, corruption, charme and the need to survive. Funny that these days I am watching “Justified”, the tv show with Timothy Olyphant playing a US Marshall thrown into his Kentucky home county. Those stories and the characters at their centers have a lot in common, they feature a rather inhospitable part of the US territory where people fight for survival with all means, and every problem and all trouble is personal right away. But fear not, Tom Hardy is here to make a stand, because he is immortal!

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