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I have seen “Looper” twice now. After the first viewing, I appreciated it, but I was not too thrilled. After second watching, I liked it better, I clicked with the characters, started getting into the atmosphere of the world populated by this professional executioner and his colleagues we are introduced to. What I like most about the film may be the casual approach to this job: you wait for a victim to be sent by time machine in front of your gun, you shoot them right away, no drama, no mercy, just a job that is not even very well appreciated by the peer group. And the catch of this life, the fact that you will be standing in front of your own gun at some point, is drowned in drugs and money. The confrontation between young Looper and old Looper is designed in an interesting way, I could understand the actions of the antagonists and could sympathise with even the most horrid actions. Time travel is used not as a device to fool around with, but as a curse that really “fries your brain”, as one character put it. Not in the physical way, but by allowing you to create options that you should not have in life, tormenting you into making the right choices. Recently well done in Stephen King’s JFK assassination novel, now in worn-down futuristic style done to the benefit of movie audiences. Do we have a new trend, the serious time travelling story? Wouldn’t be a bad thing…

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