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A very odd film by Brian de Palma. He is the same de Palma who did Dressed to Kill and Mission Impossible, right? He is famous if not notorious for thrills and visuals, for being or at least having been the one true heir to the Hitchcockian style of creating thrills. In this pseudo-documentary about the raping and killing of members of an Iraqi family by US troops, he abandons all that. He tries to go documentary style, but the visuals deny that, stressing (intentionally or not I have no way of saying) the fact that this is a movie, after all. The story evolves around the alleged raping and killing of an Iraqi family by a bunch of US rampant soldiers, and around the guys with and those without a conscience

I was a mere observer to this film, could not get into it I wanted to. I kept observing the video-style visuals, kept wondering whether it was a good idea to take this approach for telling the story, took mental comparisons to the likes of Hurt Locker, similar not in the story, but in trying to let the audience experience what can happen to people who have been exposed to long stretches of utter boredom mixed with occasional combat situations and a constant feeling of being under siege. An interesting film, no more, not a great one.

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