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Hobo Shotgun

It may well be that this was the most entertaining film I have seen in quite a while. Not good, no, God forbid, but fun all the same. Rutger Hauer (dude, where have you been?!) as a homeless guy comes into a town where things are wrong, violence everywhere, police and crime indistinguishable, killing a sport, or at least a casual pastime  He happens to team up with a pretty hooker, and together they take it on themselves to clean up both Sodom and Gomorrah. Equipped they are, as you would expect, with a gun, and – less expected – a lawnmower.

Everything is way over the top: the violence, the villains, the ice skating, the “demons” (well crafted from scrap metal), the “glory hole”, the John-Carpenter-like music, the script.  The latter so much so that this has been the first film in years where I checked IMDB’s “memorable quotes” section to revisit some of these gems:

I’m gonna sleep in your bloody carcasses tonight!  

When life gives you razor blades, you make a baseball bat… with razor blades.

  • Hobo: Put the knife away, kid… or I’ll use it to cut welfare checks from your rotten skin!  
  • Slick: Well you better cut one to Mother Theresa, so you can give it to her while she’s finger-banging you in Hell!  

  • It’s a beautiful day for a skate-rape!

  • You look so hot, I just want to cut off my dick and rub it against your titties!  

  • I have to wash this guy’s ass off my face.

  • And my favourite, a newspaper headline: “Parents Smile as Bodies Pile!”

And it  must be the coolest heroine ever who, in times of greatest danger, running out of time to save her friend, that girl starts a casual welding session to manufacture some advanced weaponry…

Four out of five hilarious lawnmowers! Instant classic!


  1. I just couldn’t get into this film. Yes it is bad…but so bad it’s good…not really. I just found it to be badly made, poorly scripted and about as entertaining as watching the washing machine performs its primary duty.

  2. 🙂 I can completely understand, and I would not be surprised that watching this any other time or day would have left me with the same opinion. Maybe I was just in the right mood and mindset to perceive all this ill-constructed nonsense to be entertaining. But a good film it ain’t…

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