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What’s to be said? Solid. Could have been worse. No surprises, but – in the words of The Wittertainer – all good-looking and well-dressed, which seems to be the specialty (if one may deduce this) of Thron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski (“Thron” was so generically inoffensive that I even forgot to write about it on the blog, I just realise…). It is the sport of the week to count the references (politely expressed) to other, usually greater, cinematic achievements. It is kind of easy, because Oblivion covers them all. That does not really matter, because these days, it seems it takes quite a touch of genius to add something new to the genre (even the well-loved “Moon” was not exactly original in terms of plot, only better compiled than most).

So this film lives off its production design (quite clean, given the post-apocalyptic circumstances. Surprisingly, the film was not shot in 3D, so the white was actually white rather than grey, that’s another bonus point), the performances of one or two side characters (beloved Melissa Leo, Andrea Riseborough with her cute accent and some mean little drones – oh and Nicolaj Coster-Waldau grew a new hand since Sunday!). The film plays out the way it has to, and it plays it… well, solid.

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  1. This was an ok watch, but I doubt very highly I would ever check it out again. Sort of a mish mash of twenty other superior Sci-Fi films.

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