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19% Tomatometer? Come on, what’s wrong?? The film has some beautiful scenery shot in Thailand, it has some crazy ladies (nothing can go really wrong if Tilda Swinton is involved), it has Leo di Caprio (love him or hate him, but he’s a pretty boy), even some mean drug lords and the drugs that come with that. Of course all these people hanging out on that “secret island” are despicable, and there are no other people other than the cleaning lady in the Bangkok hostel (the only non-despicable and funny character), but that’s what the film is about, isn’t it? Stupid people doing stupid things ending in ill fate before beautiful sunsets. The film is too long and too empty, but what can you do, the book isn’t much better, only more elaborate. Who was disappointed by “The Beach” did not read the plot description, and people like me who only watched it to complete their Danny Boyle back catalogue are not surprised that there are some duller moments showing up in the past of one of today’s most prestigious film makers. It’s not a great film, but probably better than spending your time watching “Die Hard in the White House” (which I will probably do anyway – there are days that call for it).

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