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Walter Hill! The Warriors! 48 Hours! Streets of Fire! (sorry, but I do like that one…), Extreme Prejudice!! Now looking through his film list, wondering where he’s been all this time, I realise there have been some depressing developments going on with this supposed Son Of Sam (Peckinpah). So my first surprise at seeing him helm the Stallone Resurrection vehicle “Bullet to the Head” was replaced by a disheartened sigh of understanding…  “ah I see… the mortgage, the drugs” (can’t be the expensive hairdresser, judging from his Rottentomatoes mug shot).

Having said that, “Bullet” enjoys the benefit of having a back-to-back release with Schwarzeneggers “Last Stand”. I am the only person in the world who either saw and / or liked Walter Hill’s “Last Man Standing”, back in the days when Bruce Willis was cool. So not only does Schwarzenegger and his Korean director play (intentionally? No… nobody on that production has a sense of humour. Or has seen any movie in their lives) on the Walter Hill back list harmonies, but they also face off mano-a-mano about who has the least terrible old-man-pretending-to-be-an-action-hero flick of the decade to offer. I have to say, Stallone has a clean sweep. By no means is “Bullet” as annoyingly stupid, as insultingly boring as “The Last Stand”. It is a bit like “Expendables” (first one, obviously): so straightforward and non-twisted that it is actually astonishing how the authors could get away with it. No surprise, no development, just setup (killer needs to team up with cop to save both) and linear (pardon the pun) execution, decorated by some nice tattoos, several of which are on the pleasantly slender body of a Ms Sarah Shahi, which obviously must be a very elaborately made-up screen name.

There are perfectly good moments in life when such a film serves its purpose. Having just seen “Oslo, 31 August” on a Sunday afternoon and it’s still too early to drink two beers (and you don’t feel like succumbing to drug abuse after that experience anyway) is such a moment.


  1. I will probably end up checking this one out when it is available for streaming.

    • that’s exactly what it’s good for, streaming it on a rainy afternoon – as long as expectations are low, it shouldn’t disappoint you 🙂

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