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That is the perfect film when you have to make the decision whether to fall asleep on the plane or risk starting another movie, where it wouldn’t matter if you snoozed through the middle part. Of course it comes with a great burden, the name tag “Luc Besson” is all over it, and that has not been a good sign for the last, say, 20 years.

But you have to give him: he is not afraid of camp entertainment (and that is not even beginning to play on the double meaning of “camp” in this film). You take a butch hero (more beefy version of Snake Plissken, played by Guy Pearce, who I keep forgetting, but always looks kind of fun when I stumble across his films), task a scriptwriter with providing him with a staccato of misogynist and sexist one-liners, and make him kill all the bad guys. Apart from the bad guys that the very very bad guy killed. That very very bad guy is a lunatic and enjoys running his space station into other space stations, almost cries when his brother keeps denying him the chance to rape the girl that has been hired to provide some decorative background for Pearce’s action, and has tattoos to show that he’s the very very bad guy.

I was hardly ever bored, I did not fall asleep in the middle part, all the many clichees were … how to put it … honest in that the producers did not even begin to suggest that there is anything original hidden in the film.

A WSYWIG movie, what you see is what you get, and with the Luc Besson name badge, it’s almost exactly what you ordered…

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  1. This was corny but better than I expected it to be. Not the worst film I have streamed lately.

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