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Jonah Hill plays Jonah Hill, James Franco plays James Franco, Seth Rogen plays Seth Rogen, and some other guys I don’t know play themselves, too. Hermione Granger is allowed to say “fuck” on screen for once, and seems to enjoy herself, and the end of the world is cloudy with a chance of bong-smoke and some other mind-altering substances…

Not much to say  on this, other than it seems like the coda on the career of some comedians who have reached the end of what they were doing for the last decade, and seem to celebrate this with an orgy of self-referentialism (which probably is not a word… anyway!).

And why not? I could rather enjoy this because I do not have the habit of watching all these slacker movies, but even I could not lose the feeling that there is not much new in this film, that I am rather served some form of executive summary of the previous screen adventures of Rogen and Friends. The meta-casting kind of works in places, with Jonah Hill insisting on being America’s Sweetheart, for example, or James Franco keeping all the props from his movies hidden in his basement. I am not sure whether I have ever seen Danny McBride on screen before, but it seemed that he threw some form of mature humour eggs into the basket, providing a welcome distraction from the rest of the bunch.

I suppose everybody had fun on set, and some of the fun spills over. Still, the whole movie appears to have been made for the cast rather than the audience, a grand derniere party of infantile dick jokes. May this kind of film rest in peace.

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