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This is a childrens’ film if there ever was one: a very simplistic story structure, good and evil properly defined, no doubt about the outcome, and effects to burn your eyes and ears while shutting off the brain. That’s not a bad thing, but after the hype in the build-up of the film’s release, and after the reputation del Toro brings to the table after his previous work, it is a bit too straightforward a movie experience to get me really excited. It was fun to watch how much del Toro and the team enjoyed being allowed to pretend to be children again, taking imaginary monster toys and robot toys, hitting them against  each other and shouting “bang!”, “wham!” and “argh!” As with “Super 8” a while ago, there was a lot of talk about nostalgic glances back into childhood, about the film being “old fashioned” of sorts. As with “Super 8”, “Pacific Rim” looks as if the makers had more fun looking back than the audience.

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