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Anybody who ever stayed for more than just a holiday in the UK feels familiar with the premise of “The World’s End”: The ultimate pub crawl a bunch of kids has tried to manage decades ago turned out to be a failure (or the kids were the failure, rather). So there will be at least one of them who cannot process this defeat, and won’t rest until he gets “the band together again” for one more try at the Newton Haven “Golden Mile”.

As the guy initiating this initially harmless adventure is Simon Pegg, and as among his former school mates there is Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan and Paddy Considine, there can be little doubt that this will not end as expected. That the troubles they encounter on their long march to recoup their juvenile memories not only involve weaker livers and a more settled lifestyle (with all the physical limits that this puts on an alcohol-centred weekend trip), but also aliens and robot-like things and references to a whole lot of 50s SciFi movies and some more recent Cornetto-movies … that is not surprising within the framework of said Cornetto trilogy (they did manage to officially make this part of the trilogy, albeit almost in the last minute). As the previous installments, it is an unorthodox mix of down-to-earth British pub humour, with excellent comedic actors top to bottom, with sudden bursts of only slightly comically concealed violence. A man on his mission is at the centre of events, and he will not stop nor hesitate until all has been fixed that the past has wronged. Including the fate of the world, if it comes to that. While I will never call the Cornetto trilogy the decade’s greatest achievement in movie comedy, I am hard pressed to come up with better or more lasting examples (not in the movies, at least, the most funny things I have seen in the last decade were tv:”The Thick of It” or “The Trip”, most notably). It is not a very good time for comedies, so tip to the hat to Pegg and his friends for making some very entertaining entries to this terribly complicated genre. Cheers!

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