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What can I say? Even if the script would have been complete corny rubbish, those two actors would have held the film up. As it is, the script is pleasantly non-corny most of the times. I would never have watched this film if not for Gandolfini, the terrible rituals of American middle-aged middle-class people looking for new partners and happy family life and talking a lot of nonsense most of the time while wearing fake smiles is just not my piece of cake. I am still glad that I did see it, because getting an insight into the tortured lifes of mostly obnoxious people is somehow soothing to the soul as long as these people are not me…. And Ms Dreyfus has one of the nicest smiles on tv, I adore her for her smile, wit and talent since she appeared in Veep. So these two people made my day, or my evening, while I had to bite my knuckles sometimes bearing the rest of the characters (mostly played by a very decent cast).  

A somehow very fitting and melancholic farewell appearance by James Gandolfini… I already miss him!

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