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#472: Top 10 Films of 2013 | Filmspotting.

One of my favourite start-of-year activities: working my way through the filmspotting list of films of the year. Some terrific choices to catch up on!


  1. Where are you at on the list? Just beginning?

  2. As you’re asking ….there’s two perspectives on this:
    1) I have wasted too much time with rubbish generic superhero movies which I could have used watching exciting films
    2) I have so many good movies to look forward to 😉

    Y = yes, have seen, ns = not seen yet, will see, mb = will see maybe, if life will be long and eventless enough, nooo = no way I understand why I should see that

    Adam’s List:
    1. Inside Llewyn Davis (y)
    2. Her (ns)
    3. Side Effects (y)
    4. Before Midnight (y)
    5. Stories We Tell (mb)
    6. The Act of Killing (ns)
    7. Enough Said (y)
    8. Spring Breakers (nooo)
    9. Mud (y)
    10. The World’s End (y)

    Josh Larsen
    1. Leviathan (ns)
    2. 12 Years a Slave (y)
    3. Enough Said (y)
    4. The Act of Killing (ns)
    5. Pain & Gain (WTF???)
    6. The Wind Rises (ns)
    7. Nebraska (ns)
    8. This Is the End (y)
    9. Beyond the Hills (ns)
    10. The Spectacular Now (mb)

    Michael Phillips
    1. Her (ns)
    2. 12 Years a Slave (y)
    3. Consuming Spirits (ns)
    4. Fruitvale Station (ns)
    5. Stories We Tell (ns)
    6. American Hustle (ns)
    7. Post Tenebras Lux (mb)
    8. Inside Llewyn Davis (y)
    9. Let The Fire Burn (mb)
    10. The Gatekeepers (y)

    Scott Tobias
    1. Her (ns)
    2. Upstream Color (ns)
    3. Inside Llewyn Davis (y)
    4. Computer Chess (mb)
    5. Before Midnight (y)
    6. Blue Is the Warmest Color (ns)
    7. The Wolf of Wall Street (ns)
    8. Nebraska (ns)
    9. The Act of Killing (ns)
    10. 12 Years a Slave (y)

    Most urgent to catch up on:
    – Her
    – The Act of Killing
    – Consuming Spirits
    – Nebraska

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