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After a stretch of thoroughly watchable and entertaining films, it was clear payday was due  … I am not sure who the target group for this would be. Children under the age of… say … 50 do not know who the Lone Ranger was and have not spent many afternoons with him in front of the black / white tv. The elderly will be appalled by the stupid and utterly boring script that features mainly people sitting on horseback looking over the desert and trains chasing each other in confusing ways.

Has anybody asked for this? After 30 minutes I was bored, after an hour I started checking emails, after seven hours (I think) it was finally over and I was glad. The 30-something per cent at Rotten Tomatoes is actually a very kind treatment of a very unnecessary and ill-conceived, ill-executed film. Worse than “John Carter”? Yes, and by quite a bit!

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