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Hmmm… well… if I was a twelve year old boy I would love the idea of my video game addiction being actually worth something, to save the universe in this case, and I would appreciate that there would even a girl be involved in my life and that so many people suddenly start saluting me, the socially inept nerd. This is what happens here, and this teenaged and dumbed-down version of Starship Troopers is spruced up with plenty of simple dorm jealousy, cgi laser gun fights, and with Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley as grey eminence leaders with double agenda. The drama plays out you think it will. Once you look at your watch two thirds through the film (which you will, as it drags along a bit) and realise that you are apparently still in the wrong act, you have a very good chance of figuring out the details of the finale. There is a slightly dumb post-finale finale leading the way into parts 2 to many, which I could have done without. No doubt there will be more, but you don’t need a conversatrion with a giant ant about that, a chat with the studio account would have sufficed.

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