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66% of top critics at Rottentomatoes think “Zoolander” is good rather than bad… 66%… my only assumption can be that the world is coming to an end very soon. Only very rarely did 80 minutes feel so long. … I am having a quick but comprehensive run-through on my life now, and after complete assessment I have to say I cannot think of any 80 minutes that felt longer.

No talent was involvewd in the making of this film. There are no laughs in it, there are no noteworthy performances, the three leads Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell stand out as embarrassing themselves without appearing in any way funny. There is a very uncomfortable celebration of stupidity going on. The critic from New York Magazine correctly pointed out that it is not possible to do a spoof of an industry that is already as grotesque as the fashion industry. Others pointed out that it was just plain unadulterated fun, so those people have to be dismissed as having the humour of a two year old boy who cannot get tired of fart and dick jokes and playing with their own poo. So be it, the names are noted…

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