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Just a quick note on this: if you loved “The Trip“, you will of course love “The Trip to Italy”. It still does not make any sense as a restaurant testing tour, because Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon still know nothing about food other tan that it can be eaten if somebody else pays for it. It still looks as if sponsored by the local “Association of Considerably Expensive Gastronomy”, but as this time it takes place in Italy rather than in Northern England, the weather is better and the girls are more pretty and less dressed.

It still features a subtle competition between loud-mouthed career doubt and silent content about the course of life and the stability of family, as represented by the two almost-real-actor-characters, and it of course does again circle around the competition of who is doing the more impressive Michael Caine impersonation. Featuring Mo Farah, Stephen Hawking, as well as Brydon and Coogan in a plane crash up the Andes. An interesting story to listen to. My personal favourite could be Tom Hardy trying to talk to his agent, who does not understand him, and Batman trying to talk to Alfred, who does not understand him…

These two guys are absolutely hilarious, Michael Winterbottom is one of the few geniuses working in film and TV today, and hence: nothing can go wrong. Splendid entertainment! If you watch it twice you will not be able to start annoying your peers quoting it, careful…

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