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Thanks to the limited selection of on board entertainment, I ended up with one of those films that was certainly on my radar, but way down on the list in the “if it’s raining and somebody happens to have forgotten this very DVD in my home” category. When you read the premise (frustrated chef starts anew by starting up his food truck) you will know exactly where this is going, there is no surprise or  edge to the story or its development. No need to, either, because this road trip from Florida to California is just a pleasure trip for the eyes and the tongue – virtually, unfortunately, they should hand out those dishes to the audience watching the film. John Favreau is actually quite pleasant in the role as somehow maniacal but good-hearted chef, the warm heart of the film may be John Leguizamo as his Latino sidekick and sous chef, rounding up the Cuban troops in Florida and giving some rhythm to the show. Oliver Platt has these tiny little parts these days that should make the audience believe that he is something like a retired superstar, that I found a bit confusing, but he still is somehow watchable as the real life equivalent to the “Ratatouille” restaurant critic, just more fat.

Is there a book with “the best recipes as seen in the film”? I would certainly buy that, those Cubans apparently know how to do a sandwich.

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