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It does not happen too often that I am sitting on my own in a cinema and burst out laughing for minutes. It happened in “Big Hero 6”, when BayMax, the “designed to be huggable” medical aid robot suffers some minor punctures in a chase, and – his buddy Hiro talking to that policeman without end anyway – takes the time to fix himself with some Scotch tape from the policeman’s desk. A scene more hilarious than any chase sequence or large-ass battle… As so many films these days, “Big Hero 6” is much better before the action starts, during the characters’ introduction, when there is no hectic chase and fight and frantic battle for the survival of mankind or what not. The film is fabulous when it introduces those quirky characters, chief among them BayMax, but also some of his friends and brothers in arm are quite amusing in their ordinary nerdiness and their lack of relevant skills for combat. As soon as they have the necessary equipment and skill set, all gets a bit more straighforwardly boring. All the extra equipment for the five heroes and the robot hero are fair and nice, but nothing special. The villain riding on waves of microrobotic particle waves or something looks a bit fun at the beginning, but the effect wears off quickly. 

In total, it is a BayMax film, but with not enough BayMax in it, maybe one of the better mainstream animations of the year, but nothing special all in all.

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