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Just in time before I hope to see the second part of this franchise, I had the chance to see the first one on a plane again. Seems I saw it before, but could not quite remember. No wonder: it is not too remarkable. As super hero movies go, it is not very bad, either. Chris Evans as hero person is just not particularly memorable an actor or a character, but his abs are fine (post Captain-America-nization treatment, that is). The Nazi/Hydra counterpart people around Mr Schmitz are proper comic book villains, but I am actually a bit tired by Hugo Weaving playing this kind of character … and when his face turns from Weaving to Lucifer, I stopped believing in him as a character, that was a tad too cartoonish for me.

The overall plot device of some form of world destruction machine seems to be something very similar to a regular atom bomb. I was not too sure why the film ended the way it ended, because there are several known ways through which to change the course of a plane that do not end in said plane’s crash, but then again maybe I did not quite get the complexity of the matter at hand.

Sometimes I was a bit stunned by how much the film rushes things: suddenly there is an established “Team Captain America”, with a couple of seconds before the Captain is something of a lone fighter.

Super hero comic adaptations…   ah well… a kind of sad story…

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