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It’s a remake of a Japanese movie, and when you forgot why you decided to remake a Japanese movie, just set it in Japan… what you need is a couple of Japanese background people, then a creepy Japanese girl and, if nothing else comes to mind, a photo camera which takes mysterious background shadows. All is set then for the most uninspired and foreseeable ghost movie in decades. Nothing happens in any way different from how you would expect it to happen after 3 minutes. It does have some nice images (the final shot comes to mind), but the whole fancy-pants advertising agency photographer setting is just annoyingly sucked dry. Most of these people are obnoxious anyway, so there is not even the need for sympathy when one or the other meets an unpleasant fate.

Note: when you took compromising and potentially existence-shattering pictures on your camera, do remember to remove them from that camera if you decide to have the device lying around your wife’s house.

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