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There are not many films in the history of movie making that manage to establish the concept of “goofball island” next to a surprisingly accurate depiction of the hell pit of abstract thought… how brilliant is that?

Not sure whether the film works on all levels to all audiences, but for a grown-up it is certainly up there with Toy Story in bombarding you with emotions about childhood lost, the struggle of parents to help their children grow up happily despite all those crazy emotions wreaking havoc, making the best decisions for the family and constantly feeling the pain of compromise. The best thing about it: the film brings you to the key message that you shall not try to push away emotions, pretend that all is joy (“Joy”) and happiness. Anger, fear, disgust and sadness all belong together, it takes all kinds to make a world… also inside your head. And so the film does not shy away from those moments where essential childhood friends disappear in the memory dump to make room for more life and adventure, where loss of friends is sad whatever “It will be all right” loops the grown-ups conjure up in their clumsy effort to sooth.

My favourite character is probably poor little “Sadness”, always apologetic, always sidelined as if she was evil, until somebody realizes what important part she plays in the making of a human.

Splendid voice cast, with Lewis Black towering above them all, he is the only person in the world to give such voice to rage, as the Daily Show viewers will testify!

And favourite (short) scene “GIRL! Alarm!”

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