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It is always a pleasure to see what Charlie Kaufman comes up with. Whether the result is utterly genius (like “Synechdoche”) or a brilliant slight (like “John Malkovich”), there is hardly anybody who pushes the art of movie writing to such a high level.

With “Anomalisa”, I am more on the “Wow, that’s interesting” side, the film having an interesting visual approach, a interestingly depressing reflection on human nature of middle-aged conference speakers, and an outstanding Kafka scene to make up for all its flaws. One such flaw is the sudden ending, which left me surprised and a tad disappointed, but which also somehow is in line with the notion of “scenes from a life”. Anomalisa does not claim to present a drama, an extraordinary event, what it does is show the desperation and confusion of life when seen from a certain inside perspective.

The artificiality of the animation and the voice cast (most females are voiced by male actors, I believe) supports the dream-like character of the film. The touch if genius is Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lisa, whose realism and ordinariness awards her the title of being an anomaly in a twisted approach to life.

Double points for second best puppet sex scene ever, and kudos to Kaufman for managing to make the kind of films he finds rewarding. More please!

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