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Of course it is possible to develop an interest in the love life of the Inuit, even though in general you would not be too interested in Inuit matters. There’s plenty of interesting stories to be told when it comes to love stories and personal drama. If you find these stories, then any setting can be a thrilling backdrop and any drama can be gripping. This could also work for the lives of archaeologists hanging out in Northern Italy, drinking orange juice and coffee on their villa’s terrace and speaking in a variety of languages. Only… nothing that happens in “Call Me By Your Name” interested me very much. Yes, there is a bit of coming of age and discovering one’s sexuality and serious emotions, there’s some pretty people and some … ah, no, that’s about it. I could not, I admit, connect to this. I kept wondering when something exciting or dramatic was about to happen, and the wait continued until it turned, quite frankly, into being annoyed by all these people.

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