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Now well if you liked the tv show Heroes and its flavor of slightly rubbish personal approach to flawed superheroism before superheroes were a thing. And if you like the prototypical Korean approach to corrupt government, sexual stereotypes and the power of money. And if you don’t mind a rather flat family story about a father worried about disappointing his daughter… it all does not sound too exciting, no? It is not. About 20 minutes in, it is clear where this is heading, and any excitement credit that you may have had for the director of “Train to Busan” evaporates. Psychokinesis is disappointingly dull, the core premise of an everyday loser guy who stumbles upon the ability to move objects with his mind is just not enough to create something interesting out of the class struggle piece. Matter-of-fact, had he only discovered to use fists and weapons, at least there would have been some interesting set pieces. As it is, what we get is rather arbitrary cross-cutting between a police interrogation and an increasingly unlikely street battle about a bit of development land. All written and edited sub-par, and my hope of coming across another one of these splendidly weird Korean thriller crossovers that have been so much fun over the past decade come to nothing.

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